Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Eggs

I remember doing Easter eggs while growing up, usually after Good Friday church. We did dozens and then helped with an Easter egg hunt on Saturday at the church. Mom would always tell of many years before when some families would donate eggs for the hunt but would not cook or color them, so mom, grandma and Aunt Nina would dye hundreds of eggs.
I have my mom's old ceramic coffee mugs that she used. She had 6 or more of the plain white mugs at one time but eventually had to add another to have 6 cups. So one has a gold band around it.
She also taught us to make some tie-dyed eggs (don't know where she got the idea but my guess is she saw it in a Family Circle or McCall's magazine).

Take a piece of white cloth (we used a cloth diaper today). Twist it tightly around the egg. Take a spoon and put just a drop or two of dye on the cloth. Continue with desired colors.

Hold for a few seconds, then unwrap.

DD17 tried some of her own creations. Here she is making a splatter paint egg.
She also took some dyed eggs and did the tie dye over the solid colored egg.
Here are some of the tie dyed eggs and her splatter egg.
She said they were too pretty to eat!


Jill said...

Looks good. Making Easter eggs (and candy!) at your house was always fun!

cavmary said...

I haven't made candy for a couple years - remember the paint brush that caught fire in the microwave :-)