Saturday, April 11, 2009

Baby Hats

I have been knitting baby hats to be donated to a pregnancy center that our church supports. The ladies at church as part of our Titus 2 ministry, are going to have a 'knitting night' and make hats or blankets for the pregnancy center. Some of us who know how to knit will teach others so I have been looking for a very basic hat pattern. I found a pattern at Lion's Brand, Baby Hat - O Natural!, and made some variations on the pattern.

Here is whatI made on Thursday and Friday. They work up really fast since there is no shaping.
The shades of blue and white on on the right side are pretty much according to the pattern except I only made one pom-pom for the top. For the varigated pastel one, I ran a piece of yarn around the top about an inch from the edge and pulled it tight. I did the same for the white one with the eyelets around the bottom - I plan to run a pink ribbon through the eyelets and tie a bow off center on the front of the hat. The blue and yellow stripe one is my favorite. I made eyelets around the top about an inch before the end and then made a yellow cord by crocheting a chain. I ran the cord through the eyelets and tied the bow.
To make an eyelet you do a yarn over followed by knit 2 together. That way you have a small hole but you do not increase the number of stitches. I did this about every third stitch. So for that row the pattern would be k1, *yo, k2 tog, k1, repeat from * to the end.
I may have to try the booties and sweater that are pictured with the hat pattern. They are very basic also. I found a really good buy of baby yarn on E-Bay so I have plenty of yarn to play with.

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