Monday, December 29, 2008


Here are just some random comments and photos -

We re-decorated the hall bathroom which the girls and our guests use. It was a creamy yellow and the previous owners had gotten paint on the ceiling and trim when painting so we have been wanting to repaint anyway. One weekend in November DD17 was away at a youth retreat and since DD19 was at college I suggested we work on the bathroom since they would not have to share our master bath.

I 'sort of' knew what I wanted so went to the local Walmart and looked at shower curtains. I found one I liked and went from there. I matched the paint (Gray Lilac) to a flower in the curtain. I purchased towels and rugs to match the stems in the curtain.
We added the cabinet above the toilet, a towel bar near the tub and the knobs on the vanity - plus replaced the plain flat panel mirror with a framed mirror.
The weekend project took a week but we love it and got lots of compliments from the family yesterday. DD17 did not like it (she doesn't like unexpected changes) but DD19 loves it.

Here are a few pictures from Christmas morning. DH is trying to decide what he will do with an air compressor- I have a few ideas for him.

Buddy is calmly watching while DD17 opens a present.

DD19 opens her camera.

DD19 and boyfriend display their new hoodies (presents to each other).

We had a great time yesterday- 37 people and 3 were under 2 years old. We had LOTS of food and especially LOTS of desserts. After the meal we played games and just visited, getting caught up on family members and getting to know some of the recent additions. We sure have a good time joking around and teasing each other.
Eight of the family members spent the night so they could play games until after midnight. There were several new games received as Christmas presents so we had to try them out and there were some old standbys. One that I like is "What If" ( it is easy to play with any number of people - plus you only need paper and pencils)

"WHAT IF" directions.

Each person takes a small square of paper and writes a "What if" statement. Then fold the paper twice and hand them to the player who is designated as the leader. The leader passes the folder paper back to the player. If a player gets her own paper, she should hand it back to the leader and get another. The players now write a response to the "What if" question. Once again the paper is folded and handed to the leader. The leader hands a paper to each player. This time it doesn't matter if a player gets a paper on which she has written a question or answer. Player One reads the "What If" question from the paper, Player Two reads the answer (which most likely does not match up with the question but can be very funny. Play continues around the table with one player reading the "What If" question and the next player reading the response for a different question.
Some times the answers actually make sense - but usually they are just silly.

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