Friday, December 12, 2008

Decorating and Christmas cards

I have all but a few of my mailed Christmas cards in the mail. Now I just have to get all the 'postcards' for church family finished. DH17 helped me tonight for quite a while. We ran out of double stick tape so I had to make a run to Michael's (only 3 miles away). I needed to pick up a gift card for someone anyway. I got a lot more than tape and a gift card. I needed some burgundy paper for some Christmas thank yous I decided to make (glutton for punishment?) and they had some cute alphabet sets for $1 - individual letter stamps in several different fonts. I got 2 - one reminds me of Mary Engelbreit. I also got some gift wrap (50% off) and some fabric ribbon (70% off) which I think my sisters and I will use for some ornaments next year. After getting home I decided I should have gotten at least 2 rolls of the ribbon and I should have gotten a set or two of the alphabet stamps for gifts. So I will probably stop by there again tomorrow.
I got the snow village, nativity set and my Christmas mugs all out and set up. I still need to put all my snowman dishes and other decorations in the dining room but can't do that until I get all the card making stuff off the dining room table. Then I need to get all the boxes etc out of the living room. Probably won't get all that done tomorrow morning but should be able to get most of the boxes put back in the basement and just leave the snowman boxes in the corner of the dining room.
We finally had out lasagne tonight. Had planned it for last night but we ordered pizza instead. Between the pizza, lasagne and the Christmas buffet at work - I don't think I will lose any weight this week. I keep reminding myself that I will be happy if I make it through the holidays without gaining anything. Of course, that might not be so easy since I still 'owe' DH a red velvet cake for his birthday and DH18 will come home from college on Tuesday which is also her 19th birthday and I promised her a cherry chip cake. Of course, DH will eat almost all of his cake and cherry chip is not a favorite of mine - so maybe I won't do so bad after all.
Well, back to those Christmas post cards. I designed my regular cards and then use that card front on a single piece of cardstock like a postcard for the mailboxes at church. That uses less supplies and no envelopes :-) - have to cut back somewhere with 120+ mailboxes at church.

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