Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Weekend

Sort of a weekend wrap-up.  We kept both the grandkids Friday night so our daughter and son-in-law could celebrate his birthday and have a night without kids.  It all went well - why wouldn't it with 3 adults catering to a 2 month old and an almost 3 year old.  

Saturday morning I made a Valentine breakfast.  Heart shaped pancakes, strawberries and whipped topping.  Yummy!

It wa this little guy's first night away from Mommy.  He did great!  Went to sleep about 7 p.m.   Woke at 1 a.m. and had a bottle and right back to sleep. Then slept until after 6 a.m.  He had plenty of smiles for us.  Here he is asleep in my arms.  About the only way he will take a nap for his mommy is in a moby wrap.  I held him close and he was doing a lot of squirming so I put a burp cloth over his head and he settled right down and went to sleep.  So of course, I made the sacrifice and sat and held him throughout the nap :-)

On Sunday, we had about 1 3/4 inches of snow/sleet mixture.  I had planned to make chili anyway so it was a perfect day for that.   I started with my mom's basic chili recipe - 1 lb ground beef, 15 oz can chili beans and 15 oz can of tomato sauce -  and added a little extra seasoning.  Tom likes it thicker so I use crushed tomatoes.  Here is my recipe - Crock Pot Chili.  It was pretty good!  
I always like a peanut butter sandwich on the side - like we always had in school.

I did a little prep cooking on Sunday too.  Since I had a doctor's appointment on Monday afternoon and knew I would be rushed to get supper done, I got a head start on some Chicken Cajun Pasta.  This is one of my PREP COOK recipes.  I mixed together all the sauce ingredients and then put it in the refrigerator.  When I got home today,  I planned to cook some linguine and serve with the sauce, but it just seemed easier to heat up the sauce and add a little water/chicken broth and some penne to make a one skillet pasta dish.  It was perfect!   As Tom said, that's one recipe I need to keep.

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