Monday, February 15, 2016

Christmas Ornaments 2015

We have a family Christmas Ornament tradition that started in 1977.  You can see the ornaments through the years on my earlier posts.

Here are the 2015 ornaments.

 The ornaments were made using fabric yo-yos that were made by our grandmother and aunt many years ago.  The yo-yos were tacked together to form a bedspread and dresser scarf. We cut them apart and used them as the center of our ornaments (saw the idea on Pinterest).

I have learned recently that they are also called Suffolk puffs. There are videos on how to make yo-yos and ideas for using the in crafts on You Tube.

The larger circles were cut from felt using a Big Shot.  We used embroidery floss to do a blanket stitch around the felt circles. Floss is also used to tack the circles together through the centers and make a bow on the front. 
 We got started on these at a Sisters Retreat in Galena IL in August. Here are the stacks of circles.  We each made a prototype and took our share home to complete over the months.   They really turned out cute. 

 For our Wehrheim Christmas Gathering, our brother, Ron, had made this house to hold the Christmas tree.  This is based on one our Grandmother Wehrheim had made many, many years ago for their tree.  Our parents continued using it through the years. This house brings back many Christmas memories.

 We placed our 40+ ornaments on the tree.  It certainly filled it out nicely.  It's always fun to display the ornaments and then distribute them later in the day.  The younger generation enjoys delivering each ornament to its owner (they all have tags with the names) and it helps them to learn some of the names and faces that they don't see very often.

A closeup of some of the ornaments on the tree.  I think these are one of my favorites.

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