Monday, February 15, 2016

Pasta and Dancing Hippos

Pasta and Dancing Hippos

I started this post a few days ago and didn't get very far :-) So will finish it up here before posting about the past weekend. 

This is a family favorite - Pepperoni Macaroni.  I found the recipe in a copy of Quick Cooking about 15 years ago and everyone liked it, especially Rebekah.  It is one of my 'comfort' dishes.  

I finished up this quilt square recently.  The theme for a stitch-along was Noah's Ark.  A stitch-along is not for a designated recipient but just everyone who wants to committing to stitch for a specific theme and the squares are all donated to a quilt charity - this one was for Love Quilts Brazil.   The squares will not necessarily be used in the same quilt but will just be kept on hand to fill in as needed to complete a quilt or for an emergency quilt.  
I thought this was a fun pattern - and kind of stretched the theme.  These two hippos thought they were going on a cruise :-)

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