Monday, May 25, 2015

Yummy, Yummy Salad

I combined several salads found on Pinterest to make a patriotic (red, white and blue) salad for Memorial Day.    This is day 2 of our 'week of salads' and I wanted something a little special for the holiday.

The Strawberry Spinach Salad was DELICIOUS!  Got a thumbs up from Tom and I could have eaten a second one.   I think I will have another for lunch tomorrow.

Tomorrow night will be Mexican Beef Salad.  I usually make some homemade tortilla strips by cutting up tortillas and broiling them to crispy.   The last time I tried that I had too much oil on the strips and they caught on fire.  What a mess!  So this time I bought some tortilla strips I found with the other salad toppings.

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