Sunday, March 2, 2014

Recipes and a salad box

My salad box- got this idea from my friend Rhonda.  Lots of salad ingredients washed, cut and ready to make a salad whenever we want.  I love it and use it to make a salad as a side dish, main dish or make up a quick lunch to take to work.   The large box holds smaller containers with all the prepped veggies.  I did make one change - a piece of freezer tape with the date I filled it on each container.  Helps me to know quantities to prep in future boxes so we don't have cut up veggies going to waste.  It has also been convenient when making soup or stir-fry.
My box usually has -
Lettuce - although if there is not room in the box for the lettuce, I keep it in the crisper drawer
Carrots - diced
Celery - diced - this does not keep as well diced so I only do a little at a time
Radishes - sliced
Onions - diced
Green peppers - diced
Mini sweet peppers - sliced in rings
Cheese - feta, blue, parmesan, asiago - whatever I have that is grated and ready
Dried cranberries
Laughing cow wedges - not to put on the salad but I often take a salad with crackers and a laughing cow wedge for lunch. 

At times, depending on what I have on hand, I might add
Bacon bits
Hard boiled egg - diced
Green onions, sliced
Black beans
Garbanzo beans
Cucumbers (Husband really likes them but they don't keep very well once they are sliced so I usually just keep the whole cucumber if I have room for it.)

Some other recipes I have made that I will be making again -

Chicken Verde - no photo but I will be making it again soon!

Ranch Chicken Salad - uses dry ranch dressing mix and it is very tasty.  I found a jar of dry ranch mix at Sam's.  It is so handy to have around to add a little flavor to meats or veggies when cooking.

Greek Yogurt Chicken Parmesan - also uses dry ranch dressing mix. 

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