Sunday, February 16, 2014

Yogurt anyone?

Okay - so I had a rebate offer on Checkout 51 for the 35 oz carton of Fage strained nonfat Greek yogurt.  I looked at several stores and finally found it at Walmart. Not a big fan of plain yogurt but I figured I could eat it on fruit or something.  I opened it last week and had some over fruit with a little honey oat granola on top - and a little stevia sprinkled on it.  It was okay but not something I would want to eat every morning.
Yesterday I noticed the side of the carton said "Use within 5 days of opening" - what the heck! ?!?!?  How am I going to eat almost 4 cups of yogurt in 2 -3 days?

So searched for some yogurt recipes. Found a couple chicken recipes and plan to use one of those tomorrow for supper. Chicken enchiladas - the yogurt is combined with cream of chicken condensed soup and cheese to make the sauce - or a baked chicken - the chicken is coated with a yogurt mixture and then baked.  But that still left about 3 cups of yogurt.

Chocolate Chip Cookies - yogurt in the batter but no eggs.  Now that would be perfect for Tom since he loves raw cookie dough.  So I mixed up a double batch and the dough tasted pretty good.  Baked a couple dozen cookies and they were okay, sort of dense.  Put most of the dough in a container in the freezer for Tom and another smaller batch for Bekah. 

Another recipe was for a cake but we definitely did not need cake in the house.  I was planning to make some sweet corn bread for supper to go with some soup so tried the yogurt in that recipe.  About 3/4 cup yogurt and 1/4 cup milk in place of the 1 cup milk.  The batter was thicker than usual but it baked up nice.  Tom said he really liked it. 

That left about 1/2 cup of yogurt so I added some vanilla and sweetener and will take that to work tomorrow with some pineapple tidbits, banana and granola for my breakfast.

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