Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gift Cards and Rewards

We get rewards on a lot of things - but the ones I like best are the rewards we get from our Mastercard (usually redeemed for gift cards for restaurants) and our AMC Stubs rewards.  Today we planned a 'date' around our rewards and gift cards.

First - a movie -

since we went in the middle of the day on a weekday the tickets were only $5 each and we had $10 in AMC Stubs rewards that would expire in a couple week.  So a free movie - and we didn't pig out at the concession stand either.

Second - some Christmas gift cards for Books-a-million -
3 books for me and one for our granddaughter who is not even born yet. Couldn't pass up the bargain table.  Tom also got a book.  Now, I just need to get finished with Les Mis so I can read something else.  :-)

And lastly - but maybe the best part - an Applebee's gift card from our Mastercard rewards points.

The roasted sirloin under 550 calories meal - it was delicious. The steak and sauteed onions were perfect. The potatoes were buttery but not overly so and the portabello mushroom capped stuffed with spinach was wonderful.  I saved half of my steak for later since we ate at 3:30 p.m. (no lunch because of the movie) and I know I will get hungry in a couple hours or so. 

So - it was a very nice 'date' and pretty inexpensive as well. 

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