Sunday, December 4, 2011

Menu Monday

I have started using Pinterest and that has re-kindled my love of cooking. So many recipes there and I just can't wait to use them. I tried a Tomato Basil soup over the weekend that was delish!

So I am going to make Menu Monday blog posts (or try to) so I have these documented and can find them during the week.

Monday - Taco Corn Bread Casserole

Tuesday- Baked Cheesy Chicken and Penne

Carrot and celery sticks

Leftovers or frozen pizza

Friday -
Bar-b-q Meatloaf
Mashed potatoes

Homemade Panini
Potato Pancakes

Sunday -
20 Minute Teriyaki Chicken and Rice
Ramen Slaw

Let's see if I can stick to the plan :-)

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