Friday, January 22, 2010

Christmas Spiders

Every year we three sisters make Christmas ornaments for the whole family. This year we met on Halloween weekend in Rockford and make spiders. Spiders for Christmas ? Check out the Legend of the Christmas Spider. How appropriate that on Halloween we were making spiders :-) I arrived in Rockford before the other two and while strolling through the mall found some little spider earrings at 50% off so had to buy us each a pair. So when we had our family Christmas gathering we all wore our spider earrings.

Any way - here is a photo of the spiders.
My sister made the little books with a very condensed version of the legend to go with the spiders.
The spiders are made of wire and beads - something different for us. The kit was designed to have 6 legs on the spider. My sister realize that after making 2 so we added to the ones already made and did the rest with 8 legs. Fortunately there was plenty of everything in the kits so we were able to make all 40 with 8 legs in red and green for Christmas.

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