Sunday, January 21, 2018

Christmas Countdown

I have seen a lot of ideas of wrapping up 24 books for kids so they can open one each day in December to count down to Christmas.  I put a little different twist to that.  I wrapped up 24 little gifts for the grandkids so they could open one each day leading up to Christmas.
They recently moved so they are about 10 hours away from us and although they did make it home for a few days between Christmas and New Year's, I knew they would not be here on Christmas Eve like usual.
When they moved the end of November, I sent the first 6 gifts with them.  Since my daughter and I were going to drive out to help them unpack once the moving van arrived, we took the rest of the gifts with us to save them space in their vehicles for other things. 
And since I knew we would be with them from 12/6 to 12/11, I planned out the gifts so they would open ones during that time that I could help them with. 
So here are a few of the gifts - 

Disney play doh set.  

Snowflake streamers

 Funny glasses - snowman and penguin

Gingerbread cookie kit - this was one that they opened while I was there.

Reindeer ring toss.

Some Christmas dishes - Addie enjoyed the bubble wrap. 

Melissa & Doug birthday cake so they could celebrate Mommy's birthday.

Some others things were books, Christmas socks, bath towels, puzzle books, toothbrushes, and flashlights. 

And while visiting them waiting for the moving van (which was a week late) we had lots of other fun.

Making Christmas shirts.

Matching Gingerbread manicures.

Playing hide and seek.

                                                                  Their turn to seek.

iPad puzzles and videos

2 years old!

Reindeer donuts.

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