Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Exploding card

got this WOW card from my sister for my birthday. 

Cute - right?   But then you open it and 


So I was determined to figure it out and it's really pretty easy. Just cutting and scoring.  

Here is mine.  I made mine square rather than the rectangle like my sister's.  I cut a couple leaves from some coordinating pieces of DSP and put them on the front.  Then had to adjust them since one kept the card from opening.  

And the inside.   I'll be posting a tutorial for these.  They really are pretty simple - and helped me use up some retired DSP.

I use the rest of that package of DSP to make a couple more exploding cards and...

A few cards and matching envelope liners.  

And a few more cards.... 

And some gingham cards......

And I think these are my favorites. Love the bright colors.  I really like a few of the sheets of DSP -but now it is all gone. No it's not !  I bought a pack when it was on the clearance rack. I have an unopened pack to use another day. 

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