Saturday, May 3, 2014

Busy Saturday

I've been busy today - but I love it :-). Started by going through all our VHS tapes to gather home videos so I could get them put on DVD. Dropped them off at Walgreens and they are on their way to     the company that will upload them online and I can edit, name, rearrange etc. then I can choose what to put on DVDs. 
They had a 20% off coupon so figured I would just bite the bullet and do them all. Had 10 tapes but some don't have a lot of footage on them. Hope they work okay.  It was sort of scary sending them away because I don't have copies :-( but they weren't much good as they are. 
Then spent the afternoon getting ready for Easter. 

Yesterday I washed up a bunch of the plastics eggs. DD#2 had used them at work for the kiddos to play with. They loved them but some wound up in their mouths do thought it might be a good idea to give them a nice soapy bath.  And yes! There are some camouflage ones on the bunch :-) 

When I got out the mugs that I use for dying eggs, I dropped the tin and a couple of the mugs broke. These are the cups that my mom used and I have had them got at least 20 years myself. When we had the dye in them we found another one had cracks in the bottom and was leaking. So down to 3 cups. 

So I took these 3 out of my collection to use for the years to come. The one on the left shows the bones on the x-Ray when hot liquid is poured in. Won't that be fun?  

Some of the eggs had a natural stripe when we dyed them. Kind of neat. 

Some we made stripes by dying the egg then wrapping a wide rubber band around the egg and placing it in a darker dye. And one I dipped half way in one color then the other end in a second color leaving a white stripe

DD#2 made her favorites by wrapping tightly in a paper towel and dropping small amounts of the dye solution onto the paper towel. The circles are from the pattern in the towels. 

My mom always took a little bacon grease on a rag and polished the eggs. I don't have a jar of bacon grease so I used a little bit of olive oil. It sure makes them shine. 
While going through my mugs I found some I thought I should have out - these are ones that Tom and I had from before we were married.

I thought these were nice for spring. 

Forgot I had these. I should have these out all summer long. 

The one is from 1982 and has the statistics on the back. 

After some prep work for tomorrow, I threw together this dinner. Shrimp tacos with tangy lime dressing, spicy black beans and fresh pineapple. 
Now it's time to put together some Easter baskets. I love holidays - especially since DD#1's family will be worshipping with us tomorrow. Just wish DH did not have to work.   

Easter blessings everyone!  Remember the reason for Easter - the One who died that we might have eternal life. He rose again and ascended into Heaven.  Some day he will return and gather his children. 

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