Monday, December 13, 2010

A Multitude of Angels

This month I am leading Children's Worship at our church. This is a special 'class' for the 4 year old and Kindergarten children to help them understand how and why we worship. What a great month to do this as it is all Advent related.
Yesterday we talked about angels and their importance in the Christmas story. The snow and disrupted routines (plus DH helping instead of DD) proved for a very active group.

Here are all 4 children (we usually have 6 but a couple did not make it) with their angels. I used Stampin Up Designer Label, 1 3/4 scallop circle and 1 3/8 inch circle punches to make the face and hair. The wings are silver waffle paper and the halo-hanger is the silver tinsel trim. The kids decorated the angel skirts before we assembled them.

Each child has a different personality shining through. Miss Suzy has 2 older live-wire brothers and 2 cousins (who are also in this class) who get her charged up. DH is another energizer for her so she was bubbling yesterday.

Miss Emelia is the rule follower. She informed us she makes hearts much better than she used to because she did not put a point at the bottom before.

Master Ryan was wound tight yesterday. He also was energized by DH and the fact that their routine was disrupted by Daddy coming to church early to shovel the parking lot.

Master Kyle was the creative one. He realized the angel cone skirt made a perfect party hat.

What a joy to spend 20-30 minutes with these children on Sunday morning.


mamia (me and mine in Alabama) said...

These are so cute! I am in charge of our Kids Worship at our church and this would be a great craft for them to do, I will be CASING this one for sure!

Mary Cavalier said...

Thanks - let me know if you need instructions or dimensions. The kids loved them.