Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stampin' room on the way!

My older daughter got married and moved out, bittersweet! Will miss having her around but the bonus is I get her room! I am making it my Stampin' room. I found some cute baskets at Michael's on clearance that fit the bookcase perfectly (going back today to get a couple more. The stamp sets on the top shelf are just the current "in catalog" sets I have a huge box of retired and non-SU stamps that will reside in the closet. (And I have 40% coupons to buy some of their modular storage pieces next week!)

These are some racks that were in the closet. I have all my inking supplies stashed on it. (only until I get the stamp pad storage item from SU) I have a lot of organizing and putting away to do - good thing I am off on Monday. Can't wait to get to stamp in my new area and the dining room is free of the clutter (should take a picture of it too !)


Kath said...

Have fun making "Your" room.

Lisa Curry said...

Following back:)

thescrapmaster said...

I found you on the SC follow list. I am following, please follow me. :)


Julie said...

I always joke with my oldest son that he needs to hurry up and go off to college so I can have his room :-) He will be a senior this year, but will probably hang around for another 2 years (community college) before heading off into the real world.

It will definitely be bittersweet :-(

Julie Babcock

Mary C said...

Julie - College did not do the trick because she came back at least once a month. I did store a lot of boxes in her room when she was gone :-)

Jamie said...

You'll have to post more pictures when you get more things organized/put together!