Saturday, December 19, 2009

Make your own Dessert :-)

I promised DH's nephew a home cooked meal whenever he was back in the area. He is serving in the Army - currently in Iraq - and his bride is attending college in the Washington DC area. He is home for a couple weeks and today we had the honor of sharing lunch with them. We had a good time - and a good meal - but for dessert we did 'frost your own' sugar cookies.
I baked up enough sugar cookies so that each person got 4 on their plates. I prepared bags of frosting (I found a large tub of prepared decorator frosting at the store - so easy!) and had a variety of sprinkles available.
Here is our soldier and his bride busy at work on their dessert.
Here they are again with DD#2 in the picture. Not every day you are served sugar cookies on a china plate - and then given decorating bags :-)

This is DD#1 and her fiance. They seemed to enjoy the hands-on dessert.
DH concentrates on his decorating. He really got into it - and is letting his cookies sit until later so they absorb the moisture of the frosting.
These are his masterpieces.

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