Thursday, June 18, 2009

Love those freezer meals!

I have been using my freezer meals for almost every meal and I love it! I am thinking of taking some of my family favorites and converting them into freezer meals to have on hand when the others are gone. Shouldn't be too hard - just takes time.

May as well post my menu for the week - even if it is already Thursday -- and I haven't posted any for a while.

Monday - Grilled cheese with lunch meat (leftovers from the grad party)
green beans

Tuesday - Triple Pepper Chicken (freezer meal)
Mandarin oranges

Wednesday - Creole Tilapia (freezer meal)
Grape Tomato Salad

Thursday - Spicy Orangy Beef (freezer meal)
Stir fried vegetables (using up the carrots and celery left from the grad party)

Friday - Stromboli (using more of the lunch meat and cheese from the party)
Raspberry Cole Slaw

Saturday - Golden Frosted Ground Beef Pie (freezer meal)

Sunday - Pork sausage
Potatoes and gravy

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