Thursday, March 12, 2015

I've Been Busy

Wow! Can't believe it has been so long since I have written anything.  I've been busy that's for sure.   
My new 'hobby' is Jamberry nail wraps.   I love them and never have been without them on my nails since last November. 

This is my latest 'jamicure'.  It is actually two wraps - the rose gold solid with the touch of lace layered on top.   My nails never break or chip any more - the wraps are like a protective shield. 
I have some special ones for St Pat's Day - shamrocks :-)  

I've also been spending lots of time with our new family member.  
Shadow likes to join me on the couch or he will sit in the rocking chair across the room.  When I am in the office he often joins me and wants to climb all over my desk.  We have placed his cage in my office so he can sit on the perch in there and watch.  

And this sweetheart comes to visit frequently - 

can't believe she is almost 2!  Here she is wearing her Valentine's gift.  I cross stitched the shirt and made the pants out of coordinating fabric.   What a joy to make something for her. 

I've been busy stitching.

This is a sweatshirt I stitched for a baby shower gift.  The daddy loves to fish.  He will have to start early to develop a love of fishing in his little princess.

And a few charity quilt squares.  This one is for an alphabet quilt.  It is going to be such a cute quilt.

Here is one of the Cherished Teddies I have done recently.  This one is called Spring Bonnet. 

And here is Calico Companion.  I love the detail on the basket and balls of yarn.  

There have been so many baby showers lately - I am running out of cards!  I bought this new stamp set because for many of the showers I will be scrapbooking for our church.  Won't these be cute accent around baby shower pictures.  I made them by stamping the design on 3 colors.  I then cut out portions of the design and layered that on top of the design stamped on another color.  

My next project is a piece for our home.   I made this one 10 years ago -

I have always loved it.  It has a lot of shading done by using 2 colors in the needle at the same time.   I also had picked up this companion pattern by the same artist.

So - I am finally starting it.  I have a third pattern too but it uses different colors for the trees etc - so I probably won't stitch it unless I modify the colors.  At the rate I am going on these, I have 10 years to think about that.   I did buy 3 frames when I framed the first piece :-) 

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