Sunday, July 26, 2009

Here I am again!

Seems like ages since I have posted anything - but just 15 days. Not as bad as I thought. Since the last post we have made it home safely and DD19 is engaged! We are in the midst of planning a June 26, 2010 wedding.
I guess I'll start off this week with my Monday Menu (today since I probably won't be back tomorrow). We are having guests for most of the week (my elder sister and her granddaughter) and I will be working each day because a co-worker is on vacation - so we will be trying to pack as much as possible into our evenings.

Monday- Leftovers - I received a ticket to the Cardinals' game as part of a project at work so am going with some co-workers :-)

Tuesday - Roma's Chicken Skillet (freezer meal)
Green Beans

Wednesday - Pork Sausage
Potatoes and gravy

Thursday - Savory Burgers

Friday - Fish Fry on my brother's farm - a tradition when this sister visits

Saturday - Stromboli

Sunday - Sloppy Joes (hosting the College Kids from church)
Pudding dessert

I am been doing a modified Once a Month Cooking - more like once- a-month shopping then weekly cooking prep for the week. The best part is that if I do have to pick up produce there is a farmer's stand on the way home so I am not tempted to buy other items as I am when going through the large supermarket. It does make me think ahead because I thaw out whatever I need the night before. Of course, some nights what I planned just doesn't work out because things come up (like shopping for bridal dresses) - so I can easily rearrange or omit meals. If I omit something that I have already shopped and prepped for - I just have a meal ready for next month :-)

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